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Landing job in the US without any professional network or industry experience is hard. We know it because we’ve been through it. Our goal is to ensure you land a high-paid job fast, using the latest insights and connections we’ve in the industry.

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Why us?

  • Get a team of experienced professionals from Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Citibank, Intel, Uber, Cisco & Samsung to coach you to find your next opportunity.

  • Get 1:1 sessions with industry professionals on career road mapping, resume writing, interview prep, coding challenges, job search best practice, referrals and introductions.

  • Our recruiter team applies to jobs for you until you are hired.

How do we ensure you’re hired?


  • Skill assessment
  • Career roadmapping
  • Resume writing
  • Portfolio building
  • Coding challenges


  • Job application support
    (we apply to jobs for you)
  • Mock interviews

  • Technical interview prep
  • Referrals and introductions


  • Salary negotiation
  • Immigration / VISA consultation

  • Technical support while you’re employed
  • Retrain if you’re fired or laid off

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Get trained by industry professionals from the top tech companies

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