Build your career in data science & machine learning

Polish and improve your existing ML skillset in two months, concentrating on learning areas such as coding, math, ML projects, and so on via industry and academic professionals.


Take a different approach

Build an end-to-end ML project pipeline
Deploy a running application through web service or API
Get mentored by role models from top tech companies
1-on-1 mentorship to fill any skill/experience gaps
Resume brush up and interviewing consultation
Solid networking and alumni referral system

Get into Machine learning

  • Introduction to ML & MLE
  • Creating Your Job Search Strategy
  • Data Processing For ML
  • Automating Data Transformation
  • Your Elevator Pitch
  • Effective Networking: Expanding Your Network

Boost it up

  • Foundations of Machine Learning
  • Regression Analysis
  • Classification
  • Trees + Boosting

Get into the depth

  • Deep Learning
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Recommendation Systems
  • Time Series Analysis
  • ML In Production
  • Tools For Advanced ML Deployment

Make ML your second nature

  • Effective Interviewing For Machine Learning Engineers
  • Advanced Deep Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Image Processing & Computer Vision Tutorial

Methods of learning

Our interactive process ensures you learn everything thoroughly. These are distinct ways you’ll learn each topic so that you can retain everything you learn.

Peer session

These sessions are similar to the live sessions, however, they are conducted amongst peers where everyone can collectively engage in discussions regarding the homework, practice problems, and any other issues that may arise. Through these sessions, you will get to know one another and learn different techniques and methods; working together as a team to solve the assigned tasks.

Zoom call

Live Session

Our live sessions will be held with your mentors and peers via Zoom calls. You will receive pre-contents that you have to analyze before beginning the sessions. During these sessions, mentors will discuss a topic and answer all the questions you may have in mind. Afterward, your mentor will assign some home tasks and projects for you to work on - based on the topics that are covered. In case of missing out on any information, these live sessions will be recorded and sent to you for guidance.


1 on 1 mentoring

1-on-1 mentoring sessions are held with any of the mentors to specifically discuss your problems. Unlike the other sessions, the 1-on-1 mentoring sessions allow the mentors to guide you on a personal level in resolving your issues. These problems can be of any nature, whether it is regarding the curriculum, problems faced with tasks/projects, or personal struggles one may be facing in their life.


Make your developer portfolio stand out

1:1 sessions with industry professionals on portfolio building and working with a resume review coach turns your existing resume into a professional one. Have an ATS-beating doc at your disposal, that highlights your unique selling point and makes your application difficult to pass down.

Search and apply for jobs with ease

Using the techniques and job searching strategies our mentors will share, you can effectively and efficiently find jobs. This includes matching your interests with your search, using the best job boards, managing time to maximize results using job trackers and using eye-catching profiles with the right information, etc.

Join our interview support system

Our mentors will get you prepared for the most challenging questions in an interview. You will be provided with techniques for answering questions while also practicing your communication skills. Question banks and practice materials will be provided according to your specific needs which will help you polish your interviewing skills further, improving the chances of landing your dream job.

The eligibility requirements

Experience in statistics and linear algebra
Strong coding skills
Willingness to learn and invest time to build ML projects
Academic degrees from CS/DS/ML backgrounds (Flexible)
Passion for working with data and building models
Willingness to learn how to gain insight from data

Payment after Placement

If you don't get a job, you won't pay Algorizin. It's as simple as that. We don't want our services to be the great myth of your life -- we want them to help you find employment and expand.

Pay nothing upfront

Two weeks free trial

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