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Our Courses

Algorizin offers 5 courses that are designed to be completed in 2 phases across 5 months.

Intro to Programming

Start from the basics of coding. This course doesn’t require any previous coding experience. By the end of this course, you’ll be familiar with all the beginners and advanced concepts of coding with JavaScript and Java.

24 hours
Topics covered: 

  • Java: Variables, Methods, Classes, Object-Oriented Programming, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Abstraction and Polymorphism, Data Structures, Exception Handling, Multi-Threading
  • JavaScript + ES6: Variables, Objects, DOM manipulation, Event Handling, OOP, Closures, Binding, Arrow Functions, Spread Operator, Callback Functions, ES6 modules and more

Algorithm and Data Structure 

Focuses on the most popular Algorithms and Data Structures, designed to give you a better understanding of coding, make your codes more efficient and professional, and polish your problem-solving logic.

Hours: 12 hours

Topics covered: Big O Notation, Time Complexity, Space Complexity, Sorting and Searching Algorithms, Graph Theory, Hahing, Heap, Binary Search Tree, TCP/IP model, Subnetting, Database Management System

Front End

This course covers all the topics necessary for creating an interactive UI for websites. With React JS, this course, along with the rest of the courses of Phase 2 targets to build you as a full-stack developer

Hours: 18 hours

Topics Covered: JavaScript Module System, Developer Tools, Communicating with Props, Handling User Inputs, using Hooks, integrating Redux, and deploying React app

Back End

One of the most popular frameworks, Node JS, will be taught in and mastered in this course. This will help you structure the backbone for any website you create.

Hours: 18 hours

Topics Covered: Routing, REST API, App Authentication, MongoDB, Object Modeling, Data Encoding

Introduction to Cloud with AWS

Give final touches to your full-stack knowledge by getting familiar with cloud computing with AWS. Learn in detail about getting computer system resources as per demand.

Hours: 18 hours

Topics Covered: AWS Service Regions, AWS CLI, S3 Bucket and Performance Optimization, Elastic Load Balancing, Routing, Auto Scaling, Amazon RDS, Aurora, DynamoDB

Interactive Classes

We offer live coding classes to make sure that you are grasping the contents flawlessly. After that, we provide all sorts of homework and practice questions to give you the chance to implement everything you have learnt!

Interactive Online Lectures2020-07-21T01:27:36-04:00

Get 4.5 hours of real-time mentoring through video conferencing every week!

Homework Sessions2020-07-21T01:27:15-04:00

Engage yourself for 6 hours every week, solving the homework our mentors have created for you!

Practice sessions with TAs2020-07-21T01:28:25-04:00

Push yourself for 6 more hours each week by solving some extra problems to understand coding concepts more granularly!

Peer Practice Sessions2020-07-21T01:21:45-04:00

get together with your peers, solve problems as a group, and grow as a community!

Stay Connected

Our entire bootcamp is online. Join from anywhere in the US and get the best coding experience!

Career Services

We provide career solutions along with the technical courses. Attend these sessions to ace your interviews!

Weekly Webinars

Get familiar with the catalysts that boost your career development.

Resume Reviews

Have your resume reviewed and orchestrated by professionals.

Mock Interviews

Attend your job-interviews being fully-prepared with the mock ones.

Immigration Solutions

Solve green-card, H1B, and OPT issues with our help.

Social Life

Learn in an environment where you can grow personally and professionally with a strong community relationship. Join our game nights, movie nights, meditation sessions and monthly socials to get recharged for your upcoming tasks!

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