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Accelerate your job search efforts through hands-on experience with some of the most in-demand tech skills globally.  Get mentored by top industry leaders, polish your portfolio, resolve immigration & Visa issues, and land a high-paying job; all with no upfront fees!

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We understand your struggles

Getting a well-paying first job as an F1 Visa holder is one of the most challenging things ever. We understand you - we were once there!

What most of us went through:

The lack of adequate professional network in a foreign country;

Limited time after graduation;

Limited access to the right mentors in your industry;

The lack of proper hands-on experience;

Soft skill challenges: Communication, interview, and market readiness skills;

Lengthy and expensive visa & immigration support.


Why Algorizin?

Our methodology simple
We help train you on the relevant skills, prepare you for the job market, connect you with top mentors, and help you land a well-paying tech job as soon as 3 MONTHS!
Personalized assistance
We were also international students. We understand your struggles and that's why all our services are personalized and customized to fit your unique needs.
Free Immigration Support
Our in-house lawyers will help resolve all your visa and immigration issues, assisting you secure your stay in the US regardless of your current immigration status. Get your OPT, OPT-X, H1-B, and eventually Green Card assistance .

Get a guaranteed well-paying tech job today!

We attribute our success to our unique methodology and personalized assistance. Unlike other companies, we are genuinely committed to improving the lives of international students in the US, assisting them realize their American Dream!

Get into tech with no prior experience

No prior experience? Don't worry. Get to work on real-life projects and products with mentors from top companies like Meta, Microsoft, Amazon, and much more!

We fully prepare you for the job market with extensive training in Full Stack Development , Machine Learning and so much more!

Personalized career coaching

Our career coaching mentors help you build your resume, portfolio, and online presence the right way. This way, your profile will speak for you even post Algorizin!
Our mentors will coach you on other soft skills, including communication, interview, people, and cultural skills to help you jumpstart your career in the US.

Check out our free Career Coaching methodology for more.

Get Immigration & post-admission support

Algorizin maintains a long-term relationship with all our alumni even after landing them a job, helping with work, visa, and any other challenges throughout their stay in the US.

Check out our Immigration Support for more details.

How are we different

Our success & satisfaction rates are high thanks to our unique methodology. Unlike other companies, we are genuinely committed to changing the lives of international students in the US. Here's how we compare to others:

Other Companies

They care less about your professional skills, forge your resume, and 'lie' to employers to land you a job

No real hands-on experience in your area of specialization and rely on made-up resume fillers.

Their ONLY end goal is to get you employed so that they can start earning and no other support is offered.

Some of our competitors will ask you for upfront payment in the name of registration fees, service charges, etc.

Most companies will only secure you a job with a low salary or hourly-based payments.

These companies will get you hired just as contractors, meaning they still control basically everything about you in your career.

The Algorizin Experience

Our career coaching mentors help you build your resume, portfolio, and online presence the right way;

Collaborate on a personal level with mentors from top companies to gain hands-on experience in your area of specialization.

Algorizin's in-house lawyers will help you with any immigration problems and guidance during and after the program.

Once you join Algorizin, you pay $0 upfront, and that remains the case until you land your job. That's our investment in you.

Algorizin ensures a job, that pays you at least $50,000 p.a. as your starting salary.

Algorizin will get you hired in the company of your choice and we do not direct nor 'dictate' how you should be working.

What our graduates say

“I am grateful to Algorizin for the endless support and the mentorship that they provide. Being a part of Algorizin is one of the best things that happened to me in the last few months. I had no idea I could benefit so much from mentorship until I joined."
Zahid Hasan Dipu
Business Analyst at Honda Motor
"Joining here in November 2020 was the foundation of what I now refer to as divine orchestration. The program there is top-notch.. No organization functions well or grows without constructive feedback, and the mentor/mentee feedback system over there is excellent."
Okechi Osuagwu
Software Engineer at Intuit
" Algorizin has helped me with professional growth from the perspective of landing a job; they have also improved my communication skills which is very important when connecting with employers. The support from mentors was also very commendable at all times. "
Anamol Acharya
Workflow Engineer at HiOperator

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