Land your first job as an international student

Acquire hands-on technical skills with industry experts, get 1-on-1 mentorship for your career and immigration struggles and land your dream tech job, securing your stay in the US.

Zahid Hasan Dipu

Zahid Hasan Dipu
Business Analyst @Honda

Okechi Osuagwu

Okechi Osuagwu
Software Engineer @Intuit

Shashank Shrestha

Shashank Shrestha
Software Developer @Paycom

Tarannum Islam

Tarannum Islam
Software Developer @Sysco

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The journey towards your dream job

Algorizin is a place for international students in the US struggling to attain lucrative jobs regardless of their capabilities. We mentor our students through the challenging process of landing their first tech job.

Succeed in Tech with Real-World Experience

Gain hands-on experience working in real tech teams.

Collaborate with cross-discipline team members in a real technical work environment.

Go beyond boilerplate projects and case studies. Show that you can solve real problems.

Follow agile best practices and gain experience you can confidently speak to. Learn more.

Join Your Community

Navigating life abroad as an immigrant can be lonely, but it doesn’t need to be. What if you had a community where you met a hundred others like you, all helping each other?

Connect with fellow immigrants, potential employers, and legal experts - all in one place. Learn more.


Secure your Stay with Immigration Lawyers

We get it, being an international student can feel like your life is on a ticking time-tomb.

Get equipped with necessary knowledge with our robust network of lawyers and crowdsourced resources to navigate complex immigration issues.

Find solutions to your immigration problems with a step-by-step guidance for your OPT, H1B or GreenCard. Get Started.

Get Hired Fast with Battle-tested Tools

Experience direct job placement support that's beyond regular assistance. Enjoy access to mock interviews with engineers from top companies.

Stay prepared with comprehensive guidance on resume optimization and interview skills.

We'll send out automated job applications on your behalf, so you can leave the grunt-work and focus on honing your skills.

Equip yourself with proven techniques to assure you of a well-paying job within a short period. Find out more.


Get Financial Support and Counseling

With Algorizin, you're not alone in managing your finances. Our unique mentor-driven investment model helps reduce the financial strain, while our counselors guide you on understanding U.S tax systems, cost of living, budgeting, and saving. We also liaise with financial institutions to make you creditworthy. Know more about our tuition options here.

Gain access to winning
job search tactics

Discover your dream job with us! Our dedicated team will optimize your resume, prepare you for interviews, and connect you with hiring partners seeking talents like you. Your ideal career is within reach!

Unlock your dream job with our expert support

We understand that finding a job that matches your skills and ambitions is crucial. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to optimize your resume, prepare you for interviews, and connects you with our hiring partners who are specifically looking for talents like you. Your dream job is closer than you think!

Let us do the work for you!

We apply for you, we send out job applications on your behalf, while you watch the interview requests roll in. 08 applications per day, 200 applications / month.

Stay organized and streamline your job search efforts

Track your job applications and keep your job search organized. Track contacts, notes, dates, tasks, documents, job descriptions, salaries & locations. It's a CRM for your job search.

Meet Our Graduates

Our graduates successfully overcame their challenges and began their careers in the tech industry with secured jobs at well-established firms. Their success may prove to inspire you on your quest to land your dream job.

" If I had to describe Algorizin, I would say "a second family." No matter what stage you are in, they were always helpful. "
Shashank Shrestha
Software Developer at Paycom
"I could relate more with Algorizin's community because it understood the immigrant experience."
Kinjon Saha
Computer System Analyst at

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