Land your first job as an international student

Acquire hands-on technical skills with industry experts, get 1-on-1 mentorship for your career and immigration struggles and land your dream tech job, securing your stay in the US.


Zahid Hasan Dipu
Business Analyst @Honda


Okechi Osuagwu
Software Engineer @Intuit


Shashank Shrestha
Software Developer @Paycom


Tarannum Islam
Software Developer @Sysco

Landed jobs in 3 months
Average annual salary
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The journey towards your dream job

Algorizin is a place for international students in the US struggling to attain lucrative jobs regardless of their capabilities. We mentor our students through the challenging process of landing their first tech job.


Implement your technical skills in developing a real world product

Get to work on software projects with our startup partners, ensuring that the skills you have acquired are effectively being put into practice.
Working alongside a team to develop software products, will allow you to gain first-hand experience and field knowledge.

Get hired fast with our methodology

Recruiters have changed the way they source for and settle for the right candidates.
Stay ahead of the trends by equipping yourself with proven techniques to assure you of a well-paying job within a short period.


Solve your immigration problems with aid from our in-house lawyers

International students in the US are generally in a time crunch and often faced with challenges regarding their immigration and visa status alongside other issues.
Our lawyers will help you find solutions to your immigration problems and guide you step-by-step with your OPT,STEM OPT, H1B or GC status.

Get more included free with this subscription!

We understand the unique challenges F1 Visa holders face when searching for a job in the US. We were once there and will customize your entire job-landing process based on your unique needs.


Search and apply to jobs with ease

With our extensive network and job tracking approach, you can be assured to land a tech job within 3 months!

Triumph technical assessments

Breeze through technical assessments and questions by learning how to deal with them with the help of our curated question bank. Weekly sessions are held to ensure continuous improvement.

Secure a place in your desired company

Polish your pitch and communication skills along with other valuable soft skills through a well-guided curriculum and 1-on-1 practice sessions with industry experts.

Meet Our Graduates

Our graduates successfully overcame their challenges and began their careers in the tech industry with secured jobs at well-established firms. Their success may prove to inspire you on your quest to land your dream job.