Land your first job in the US

Are you an international student in the US looking to land their first job in the country? We'll help you get market-ready through result-driven custom career coaching tips.

Accelerate the job-landing process

Brush up on your resume and portfolio
Improve your job portal profile
Make connections and get referrals
Assistance with your job search
Coaching for interviews
Contract negotiation

How it works

Apply to join our cohort and once you have the right technical skillset, our mentors will take you through proven job-landing tactics to boost your job search efforts. We're very confident in our methodology that we guarantee you a well-paying job upon graduation!

Personalize your career pathway

Gain an in-depth overview of the industry and understand all that it takes to succeed in your career.

Polish your Portfolio

Our experts will help you tailor your portfolio to elevate you from the competition and support your overall profile, by putting case studies that reflect your mastery and strength into context.

Improve your Online Presence

Establishing an online presence is a part of building your personal brand, which is critical to your job search efforts.

We'll help you create a robust online presence to enhance your skillset, influence, and authority across various proven platforms.

Search and track jobs

Our career coaches will actively involve you in the job search, looping you in on the best tactics to use until you land your preferred job.


Nail your interview

First impressions are crucial and Algorizin will help you create the perfect first impression by nailing your interviews!

You'll undergo rigorous interview training sessions to make any potential employers love you at first sight!

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Customer X achieved 12x ROI in the first month !

Explain how the customer was in a similar situation as your user, struggling with similar problems. Talk about their transition to your product and the outcome: how it solved their problems and helped them achieve their goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive resume brush-ups depending on the job I am looking for?

We will specifically help you tailor your resume and brush up according to the field of jobs being search for. This consists of rewriting your resume according to industry standards, drafting your resume in the right direction, implementing keywords onto your resume related to the job interest etc. You will have detailed guidelines with videos focusing on each section of your resume separately.

How will Algorizin help me with my online presence?

We will help you elevate your online presence by polishing your LinkedIn profile, providing guidelines on how to create and maintain a public repository for your projects to be published on GitHub for employers to review, brush up your resume according to your specific needs etc.

Will Algorizin help me improve my soft skills for interviews?

We have personal behavioral coaches who you will have 1-on-1 sessions with to improve your soft skills. You'll have access to a question bank consisting of 800+ questions on varying interview topics to practice with. The mentors will provide frequent feedbacks with a personalized approach. Additionally, we will also provide materials to go through/refer to.

How does Algorizin help me search for jobs?

We will help you on your journey to search for well-paid jobs by providing Automated Job Search and Application Support. After completing your profile, you will be integrated into our comprehensive job search system. Our system sends out 8 job applications per day on your behalf, amounting to approximately 200 applications per month! Additionally, we offer a built-in CRM for your job search, helping you stay organized. You can keep track of all the jobs you've applied for and receive notifications when you're invited to an interview. We also provide techniques to enhance your job search efficiency and effectiveness. Our guidance includes developing your profile, seeking suitable positions with matching interests, utilizing recommended online job boards, and creating visible and eye-catching profiles.

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