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Immigrants in the U.S. are often in a time crunch and usually face challenges regarding their immigration and visa status.

Our lawyers will try their best to help you find solutions to your immigration problems and guide you step-by-step with your OPT, STEM OPT extension, H-1B, or Green Card. Our mission is to help immigrants find freedom and opportunities in the United States - without the high cost of an attorney.

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Resolve your immigration issues

We have expert advice, interactive tools, and exclusive services to help you smoothen your immigration process. Let us help you on your way!

Get an OPT with ease

If you are an international student in the U.S. and looking to extend your visa duration, we have the right solution. Our professional team experienced in immigration matters will apply for your OPT (Optional Practical Training). You get the legal assurance to stay in the U.S. for the next 12 months by applying through us!

Get one-to-one legal assistance from our immigration attorney;

Get an end-to-end OPT application service with our professional experts;

Obtain an Employment Authorization Document(EAD);

Receive full-fledged legal support during your OPT period (12 months).

Get your STEM OPT extension without any hustle

We know you're busy, now that you are out of the classroom, try something easier. There is no need to worry about the government's STEM OPT extension and how it works, just contact us and we'll handle everything!

Get one-to-one legal assistance from our immigration attorney;

Get hired directly into a paid job that will enable you to apply for the extension;

Get an end-to-end STEM OPT extension service with our professional experts;

Receive full-fledged legal support during your STEM OPT extension period (24 months).

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Increase your odds of getting an H1B visa

If you want to continue working in the US after your OPT ends, apply for an H1B visa. However, the current H-1B lottery approval rate is only 23%! Through our process, you will increase your odds of getting it faster.

Get one-to-one legal assistance from our immigration attorney;

Get hired by Algorizin as an future employee and apply for H-1B visa;

Apply from multiple companies every year to increase the chances in the lottery;

Receive full-fledged legal support during your H-1B visa period (3 years).

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Become a US resident and make your dream come true

Make your Green Card process smooth, fast and affordable by applying with Algorizin. Avoid the bureaucratic and time consuming green card process, jump to the front of the line with our direct EB-1a petition.

Get one-to-one legal assistance from our immigration attorney;

Get hired by us as an future employee ;

Apply for the green card directly with Algorizin;

Receive full-fledged legal support during the whole process.

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Get Legal Answers from Immigration Attorneys

Get unlimited consultations on immigration issues
Ask anything related to your immigration and legal issues through chat, our expert inhouse attorneys will solve your all the queries.
Get support with government test and interviews
Our support staff is always available to assist you with handling government requests, interview preparation, and answering questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a job offer to apply for OPT?

A job offer is not required to apply for OPT. However, be aware that during your 12-month OPT period, you are only allowed a cumulative total of 90 days of unemployment.

What are the requirements for OPT?

Be in the US with a valid F-1 visa;

Be a student at a US educational institution;

Be enrolled in school for at least one academic year;

Agree to work part-time if you want a pre-completion OPT;

Agree to work in a job related to your field of study;

NOT have a criminal record during your time in the US;

Be eligible for an Employment Authorization Document (EAD);

NOT have completed a 12 month, full-time Curricular Practical Training;

NOT be enrolled in the English as a Second Language course.

What is USCIS?

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), is the government agency that oversees legal immigration to the United States. USCIS is primarily responsible for approving green cards, naturalization, work permits, travel permits, and other “immigration benefits.”

What are the basic requirements for H-1B?

Find an H1B sponsoring employer.

Timely Filing of H1B petition.

Have the employer file your H1B petition.

Check eligibility for the cap-gap extension.

Who can file for the H-1B Petition?

An H-1B petition can only be filed by your prospective employer, as beneficiaries cannot self-sponsor their own petitions. Although there is a very rare exception to this, whereby an H-1B petition is filed using a U.S. organization owned by the visa beneficiary, these types of cases are usually subjected to much more scrutiny by the USCIS.

Are H-1B holders required to pay taxes in the US?

You are required to pay both state and federal taxes as an H-1B worker. Also, because you are eligible for social security benefits, you must pay social security taxes and medicare as well.

What are the requirements for STEM OPT extension?

Have a degree in an eligible STEM field from a Student and Exchange Visitor Program-certified school accredited when the student submits their STEM OPT extension application to USCIS.

Pursue their STEM OPT extension through an employer enrolled in USCIS's E-Verify employment eligibility verification program.

Select a STEM OPT employer that provides the student with formal training and learning objectives.

Work a minimum of 20 hours per week per employer.

How long does it take to get a green card?

There are many ways to get a green card, and the timeline for each pathway is different. Depending on the situation, the marriage-based green card process can last as little as ten months or over three years.

Can I work in the U.S. while waiting for my green card?

Anyone who already has a valid work visa (for example, an H-1B or L-1 visa) can usually continue working in the United States even while applying for a U.S. green card. Otherwise, green card applicants cannot start working in the United States until they obtain a work permit by filing Form I-765.

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