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The Hidden Power of Small Talk
You might think Small talk is just a weird boring type of conversation that Americans engage in. However, it's also critical to forming close business relationships, making a sale, relating to your team, forming closer bonds, and sometimes even getting a promotion
power of small talk for immigrants
Build your Portfolio with Hands-on Machine Learning Workshop
In this webinar, the speaker talks about the application of AI in healthcare. Experience a hands-on project-building experience using a logistic regression model to diagnose heart disease from sample train/ test data.
hands on machine learning workshop
How to Build Credit as an Immigrant
Having a good credit score can open many doors and ultimately saving you a lot of time and money.
Building credit as an immigrant is one of the toughest challenges you may encounter. Learn how to build your credit as an immigrant into the US.
building a good credit score for immigrants
Navigating the Post-COVID Job Market
Many of you are probably graduating soon and are uncertain about your position in the job market, Siam Hossain, Founder & CEO of Algorizin will give you insights into Fortune 500 companies and guide you to the next step of your career as an international student in the USA.