Exploring the power of small talk & fitting in the American culture

Get tips to help you maneuver through the cultural differences you may have while studying & living in the US. A webinar perfect for new F1 Students to get them through their studies and make friends. Are you a recent F1 Visa graduate? Get all the tips you need to help you fit in well with potential employers.

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Webinar overview

You might think Small talk is just a weird boring type of conversation that Americans engage in. And you're right! However, it's also critical to forming close business relationships, making a sale, relating to your team, forming closer bonds, and sometimes even getting a promotion. It's often awkward and difficult but long time professional English coach Kevin is here to help with tips, explanations, and strategies.

Kevin is a professional English, career, and culture coach. Over the last decade, he's helped international students and business professionals achieve their dreams, navigate the waters of cultural differences, feel more at home in the US, find a job, and break through the barriers of communication.

Key Agenda

Small talk: Get a deeper understanding on small talk and the culture behind it in the US. Find out why you shouldn't avoid small talk even if it's annoying at times!

Tips to help you become a cultural fit: Discover how to do it based on research & statistics

Exploring various cultural communication topics: Get a deeper insight into the various cultural differences other international students faced and how you can get through.

All your questions asked: Our speaker and hosts will be there to respond to all your questions.

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Why this webinar is for you

You just moved into the US on your F1 Visa.
You're facing difficulties making friends in the US.
You want more active conversations with schoolmates & colleagues.
You're a recent F1 Visa Graduate looking to join the job market.

Attendee testimonials

" I learned a lot from this webinar. Life as an immigrant has been tough, but I now know how to manage being a foreigner living in the US. It has helped me progress fasters in my journey towards achieving the American dream. "
Zaheed Hassan
Workflow Engineer at HiOperator
" Loved the fact that we actually have webinars specifically made for immigrants that live in the US. I hope other immigrants can actually get to find out about this and get the necessary guidance to be successful in the US. "
Sergio Pavel
Workflow Engineer at HiOperator
" I've started my studies as an international student in the US and I've faced many challenges. I am glad to be a part of a community that actually understands what I am going through as well as help me get the right solutions. "
Fatima Rehman
Workflow Engineer at HiOperator

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