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We help train students and sharpen their skills in preparation for the job market. We also assist in their job search processes to ensure they land a well-paying job within a short period.

The program is customized as per the student's time commitment and initial skill level. The usual duration of this entire process is 3 to 6 months.

Our mentors will provide you with adequate support from the technical and behavioral side to prepare you for re-entering the job market. We'll help you with the job search and application process.
When you're unemployed, you don't pay us anything - your tuition repayment is paused until you land a new job.

Can I run this program remotely?

Yes, the entire program is run remotely. The live classes are recorded and shared online, so you don't have to worry about missing classes due to technical issues.

What happens after the program is over?

After gaining substantial skills and hands-on experience, we will launch you into the job market. Our mentors will assist you in the job search process, helping book interviews, and be with you every step of the way until you sign your first job's contract.

How does Algorizin help candidates during the job search?

Algorizin helps their student includes matching their interests with their search, using the best job boards, managing time to maximize results using job trackers, using eye-catching profiles with the correct information, etc. We also help communicate with recruiters and hiring managers and provide networking guidance.

Once a student completes a course and gains substantial technical experience, we launch them into the job market. We prepare them for job hunts interviews and provide them with all kinds of support they may require to secure a job. A student may retake courses until and after getting hired.

What is the weekly time commitment for this program?

Weekly time commitment depends on the talent's pre-existing technical. However, we require a minimum of 40 hours/week time commitment for full-time talents and 20 hours/week for part-time talents.

Can I do courses even after getting hired?

Yes, this is a lifetime support community. You can take and retake courses until and after getting hired.

What if my OPT already started? Will Algorizin help me maintain my status?

We offer volunteer internships that will aid you towards legally retaining your status in the U.S.

I landed a job, but my employer isn't able to sponsor my H1B visa. What help will I receive from Algorizin?

We can resolve it in two ways:
a. Our in-house lawyers can help your employer by guiding and supporting the entire process.
b. We can arrive at an agreement with your employer and apply for your H1B under Algorizin.

Will my job be a full-time independent job? Or would I be working via contract as an employee for Algorizin?

You will be directly employed by an employer and work under the company or organization you are hired for.

Is the program only for international students?

No. Domestic candidates with green cards/citizenship can also apply to the program. However, it is currently only available to people residing in the USA.

Does Algorizin help land a summer internship?

Once in a while, Algorizin announces summer internship opportunities for international students. Be sure to follow our social media pages to stay up to date.

I don't graduate until next year, could I still join the program?

We only accept students who have their graduation within the current year to apply for the mentorship program. This is to ensure the process is not inefficient in any way. However, we encourage future applicants to reach out to us and join our community to interact with other international students as well gain useful skills.

What if I get a job by myself after joining Algorizin?

Those who land a job during the trial period are not entitled to pay anything. However, if the students land jobs after the trial period, they have to pay a prorated amount based on the calculations of the services provided in that time frame.

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