"The Algorizin team genuinely cares about the students' well-being and the mentor/mentee feedback system over here is top-notch.“

Okechi Osuagwu
Software Engineer at Intuit
Okechi Osuagwu

Coming from a middle-class family in Nigeria, my parents always ensured the best education for my siblings and me. It is safe to say that the drive to learn new things and excel was instilled in me at a very young age. I came to the US in January 2019 for my master’s program in Electrical Engineering. It was quite some culture shock for me, but my professors and the acquaintances/connections I made at the time were quite helpful in navigating my path as a new immigrant. However, many uncertainties crept in with the start of the pandemic. With a graduation date in December 2020, the commonplace postgrad anxiety was at an all-time high toward the end of my program.

Why did you join algorizin?

About this time, Ania Piasek, the Head of Talent Development at Algorizin, sent me a direct message (DM) via LinkedIn. I had received similar DMs in the past, but something about how she portrayed the mentorship program at Algorizin, stood out for me. The idea of belonging to a community of people who shared the same interests, struggles, and goals was just about the true solace I needed at the time. So, I resolved it was going to be Algorizin!!! It is also worthy of note that I said my supplications to the Supreme Being at the time.

How was your experience in algorizin?

Joining here in November 2020 was the foundation of what I now refer to as divine orchestration. The program there is top-notch. The team genuinely cares about the students and their well-being. No organization functions well or grows without constructive feedback, and the mentor/mentee feedback system over there is excellent. I was particularly amazed at the frequency. Oh, not to forget the incredible connections I made!!! The mentorship program provided an opportunity to network, meet, and work with many brilliant minds, which I do not take for granted.  

Was it easy to make the switch from electrical engineering to software engineering??

I earlier envisioned that the transition from EE to software engineering would be smooth since I was competent in mathematics and connected some dots between Math and coding. The initial coding exercises were easy-peasy, and just when I thought I was getting the hang of the new career path, it gradually became challenging and frustrating. I had doubts, and whenever they crept in, I voiced them out to mentor Siam, who always had the right inspirational words for me. So yeah, it’s okay to get nervous and doubtful at the start of a new adventure.

How would you advise international students studying in the US?

I am pleased to have been a part of Algorizin. They believed in my potential and kept motivating me, even when I had doubts. Thanks to the wonderful mentors who gladly imparted the necessary knowledge and skills and the cheerful administrative personnel that pervaded the Algorizin workplace with an aura of hospitality. I strongly encourage any immigrant seeking career assistance in this foreign land to consult Algorizin. Believe me when I say that the experience will be well worth it!

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