"I received technical training and vastly enhanced my behavioral skills. In addition, gained a deeper understanding of myself during my time. "

Ashraful Alam
Power Systems Engineer at ETAP
Ashraful Alam

I first came to the United States to pursue my master’s degree as a student. I had already gotten a job in my native country and was on leave when I came over here. Once I arrived in the United States, I had to decide whether I wanted to accept the risk of starting over in a new country or return to my safe life in Bangladesh. When I first moved here, I was enthralled with the quality of life and chances available to us in the United States. As a result, I decided to take a risk and remain back. And I’m not going to lie, I’m glad I took the chance, and Algorizin has played a critical role in my success.

What were your biggest struggles in America? How did you overcome the challenge and what did you learn from it?

As I already stated, I had to start from scratch here. As a result, the burden of starting over was enormous. I was working on my master’s degree and grappling with the question of what to do next. With a master’s degree, finding work in the United States is quite tricky. My friends and family members advised me to pursue a Ph.D. to gain permanent residency in this country quickly. Everyone I knew at the time who was in a similar circumstance to me was heading on the same path. On the other hand, I had no desire to pursue a Ph.D. That’s how I discovered Algorizin. I found a community of folks on the same journey as me in Algorizin. It gave me the confidence to trust my judgment. People, particularly immigrants in this country, feel that acquiring additional degrees will help them find jobs, obtain citizenship, etc. However, I could break free from that mentality, and Algorizin was important in my empowerment.

How did Algorizin added value in your life?

To begin, I received technical training and vastly enhanced my behavioral/interview skills. Second, I was able to gain a better understanding of myself. I learned how to assess situations. I also received extensive guidance on improving soft skills such as time management, task prioritizing, and so on.

What is your goal in life?

I believe that success is a journey and not a destination. If you want to succeed, you need to keep hustling. It’s a continuous road. My goal is to enjoy myself along the way.

Do you have any advice for the international students who're struggling?

My advice to newcomers is to keep a positive attitude. Concentrate more on maintaining a positive mindset, remaining calm confident, believing in yourself, and progressively improving your abilities and productivity. Another thing to remember is to have a vision and plan it out ahead of time. Have an idea for what you want to accomplish, no matter how small the task, and when you want to achieve it.

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