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We understand how difficult it can be to find jobs for international students in the US.

Algorizin provides you with a direct path to a high-paying tech job, getting hands-on experience, mentorship, and eventually securing your stay in the US.

Our tuition payment options are flexible to accommodate your unique needs, situation, and ambitions.

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Get a job, or pay nothing

Pay nothing upfront
Upscale your technical skills, enjoy hands-on experience, and learn from our mentors without paying anything upfront.
Pay us when you have a job
Our tuition is based on the Income Share Agreement (ISA) model, which means we only get paid a small percentage of your salary for some time, once you start earning.
Guaranteed job landing
We are confident in our approach, technical training, career coaching, and job search support, that we'll guarantee you a job that pays at least $50,000 after your graduation.

Our tuition model

Algorizin was made by immigrants for immigrants. All our offerings are customized to benefit international students coming from all backgrounds - regardless of their financial status.

Pay nothing up-front and enjoy the following benefits from our tuition packages:

Two weeks free trial

Learn technical skills

Get hands-on experience

Immigrations Q&A Support

Career services support

Salary negotiations

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Get assured of your stay in the US

Secure a well-paying job in your field. Algorizin helps international students that join us with:

US Internship experience
OPT Assurance
H1B Assistance
OPTX Assurance
Green Card Assistance
Monthly Stipend

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does signing the income share agreement work?

The Income Share Agreement is a common standardized contract used as a financing option in higher education/online education institutions. Under this agreement, you will have to pay us 12% of your monthly salary until you reach the ISA cap for whichever plan you choose.

Are there any options to pay upfront?

We do not currently have any upfront fee options. However, we are willing to consider it if the student prefers this method of payment.

Do I have to start paying the monthly installments as soon as I land a job?

Your ISA activates from the start of your employment. But we will allow you to start paying the monthly installments from your second month's salary.

How much is the monthly stipend Algorizin provides in the "Comprehensive" plan?

We give out monthly stipends based on the student's discussions with the mentors regarding their situation and needs.

What happens if I decide to switch jobs or I am laid off?

When you're unemployed, you don't pay us anything - your tuition repayment is paused until you land a new job. Our mentors will provide you with adequate support from the technical and behavioral side to prepare you for re-entering the job market. You can resume the monthly payments once you get employed again.

What if I get a raise from work while paying the installments?

In such cases, you are obliged to inform Algorizin and the ISA partners regarding the raise. Afterward, the 12% monthly installments shall be adjusted to your new monthly salary accordingly.

What if I get a job by myself after signing an ISA and joining Algorizin?

You will be given a free-of-charge, two-week trial period once a contract is signed. If you land a job during the trial period, you are not entitled to pay anything. However, if you land a job by yourself after the trial period, you have to pay a prorated amount based on the calculations of the services provided in that time frame.

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